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Tyrone garrett

Tyrone Garrett is a Rockford, Illinois based hip-hop artist originally from Texas. He grew up listening to Outkast and UGK, which has had a big influence on his soul-filled, chill sound he now embodies. He taught himself to play the piano as a way to add a different element to the beats he creates. 

As a performer, Tyrone goes by Tynacity. He wants his music to be for everyone. Tynacity says he understands the hardships many people go through, dealing with loss, hopelessness and loneliness, but through music he found hope. He wants his music to be a message of motivation to those going through similar situations, hoping to be a voice through tough times and an example that there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

Tynacity is putting on a one-of-a-kind performance at DEVIATE and you will not want to miss it! 

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How would you describe your work? 

I am a rap artist. My music is soul filled, with a Lofi chill demeanor, while embodying that classic Texas/southern sound of rap. I talk about life sometimes using reverse art.

Where do you find your inspiration? 

I find inspiration by being around people (especially other creatives), traveling, driving in my car, my past experiences and things I'm dealing with.

Is this your full-time job? If so, where do you work?  It's not my full time job, I also work for a non-profit that helps students also find their passions.

What are your future goals for your pieces?  I plan on releasing a lot of singles with visuals to help capture the lyrics even more.

What are you most excited about for DEVIATE? I am most excited to put together a booth that is totally my own, previously having only shown as a group at events like this. People should come to DEVIATE simply because art, like music, is best experienced in person and there will be both! People should check out my booth because there is a little something for everyone: traditional art, functional pottery, jewelry, merch, posters, I do it all.

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