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Jason Blenkinsop
milwaukee, WI

To some, scrap metal may seem like trash. But to Jason Blenkinsop it’s an opportunity to create something special. Jason began exploring art at a young age with drawing, painting and graffiti, but it was welding that sparked his true passion. He began his welding career by restoring classic cars for shows and moved on to welding medical equipment and building structures.

In 2004, Jason was in an accident that left him legally blind. He took some time away from his art, but his passion and love for welding brought him back to it. He hasn’t let his setbacks stop him from doing what he loves. He now creates one-of-a-kind sculptures from any metal he can get his hands on.

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How would you describe your work? 

the welded sculptures are mostly fantasy characters made from scrap metal

Where do you find your inspiration? 

The inspiration lies within the metal itself. The shapes and sizes of the scrap metal inspire the characters that I create from my imagination.

How long does it take for you to do a piece from start to finish? The time frame depends on the size of the piece and can vary from 10 hours to 134 hours.

Where can we find your work? Examples of galleries, stores, and events you have been involved in. I have participated in a handful of art shows. I was the featured artist at Bagels & More in downtown Beloit during Holidazzle 2019, I have been a part of "ArtScene" in Rockford, IL at Luna Datura's (twice) and The Underground (once), and have been selling prints, stickers, and other swag at Culture Shock in Rockford, IL since 2020.

Price range on your pieces? The prices vary from $150.00-$3,500.00.

Is this your full-time job? If so, where do you work?  This is not a full time job but rather a cool hobby that I create out of my basement and garage. Along with woodworking, upholstery, and stained glass. But welding is my favorite.

What are your future goals for your pieces?  To sell my creations to people who can appreciate the artistry and imagination that goes into each creation.

What do you want us to know about your art, your design, or anything at all? 
I want people to understand that being legally blind did not deter me from making things and doing what I like. Instead, it opened up my mind's eye to see these creations.

What is your background? I have always been creative starting with drawing, painting and spray painting . I then went to MATC for commercial art design and decided that was not the path I wanted to go. I switched to welding and finished my certification. I started to restore classic cars for show. Then moved onto welding medical equipment and building structures. After my accident, time was taken off. I slowly got back into woodworking and again found my way back to welding and creating.

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