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Zack D.
Beloit, WI

As a Beloit local, Zack D came out to the first DEVIATE event in 2022. After checking out the music, the performers, the artists, he knew he had to get in on the action and wasted no time in voicing his interest in joining the lineup for 2023’s event. 


Zack is bringing his unique sound to the DEVIATE stage, and you won’t want to miss out on his beats and lyrics that are a perfect blend of pop, hip-hop and acoustic soul. Zack is doing something different on September 16 and you should too!   

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September 16

Tell us about your music? How would you describe your style/sound? My music is a beautiful blend of pop, hip-hop and acoustic soul.

Where do you find the inspiration for your music? Life experience is a huge source of inspiration when it comes to music.

What do you want us to know about your music/style? Fun Fact about my music is that I haven't and don't plan on using any profanity in any of my music.

What’s your background? How did you get into music? Give us a little history! I grew up around music. As a kid I remember playing drums, piano and the organ at church.

What are you most excited for about DEVIATE? Why should people come out to DEVIATE? Well first I'm excited that DEVIATE is happening again. Second, Beloit and the surrounding area has some of the best artists, musicians and creatives and DEVIATE has created a space to showcase that.

How did you hear about DEIVATE and why did you want to be part of the second annual event? I heard of DEVIATE via social media, and I attended last year's event. Honestly, I reached out right away because of the uniqueness of the overall vision.

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