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TimM Gerdman
Milwaukee, WI

If you came out to DEVIATE last year, then you definitely remember Timm Gerdman’s pieces. They’re bright and vibrant and tell stories of love and heartbreak, making them relatable to just about everyone. Timm’s been working over the summer to prepare for his second appearance at DEVIATE and his latest lineup of pieces is sure to stun. 


Timm is stoked to come back to DEVIATE this year and see some familiar faces and meet new ones who want to strike up a conversation about his art, about life or about anything! Timm’s art is incredible and something you won’t want to miss. Grab your tickets today and we’ll see you at DEVIATE!  

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september 16

How was your DEVIATE experience last year? Why did you want to come back again? I had a blast last year not knowing what to expect. It ended up being a bigger event than I thought it could be. Part of why I wanted to come back this year is because now that the word’s out and people were able to experience it, they’re now going to talk about what everybody else missed. It was great exposure for all the artists, and I had such a good time. I’ve already got to experience seeing some of the people I shared time with at the event last year and the camaraderie is just incredible. I’ve been to a lot of other events where the artists Eagles tend to get in the way, and everybody was just so supportive of each other at this thing.

Do you plan on doing anything different this year at DEVIATE? What can we expect to see?  I’ve been busting my butt and I’ve got all kinds of new pieces that I’ll get you thinking and are very relatable to most.

What are you looking forward to most this year at DEVIATE? Now the word’s out that it’s an event and it’s not some stodgy museum or art gallery. It’s a party featuring art. I’ve been preaching the gospel of Deviate Beloit from the moment I was involved last year and all summer long. A lot of people that I wanted to come last year were preoccupied with something that was planned before I knew I was going to be in the show and this year everybody cleared their schedule. I think that’s how it’s going to be this year for a lot of people who only heard about it after the fact.

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