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Rockford, IL

Many people don’t like insects or death, but Taylor Gorsuch of Stone Vein Studio involves both in their art. Stone Vein Studio’s art represents the beauty that can be found in nature and strives to honor the naturally deceased by creating pieces that highlight their unique colors, patterns and other features.  


From coyote teeth earrings to butterflies and shrews, Stone Vein Studio is a licensed U.S. Fish and Wildlife importer and exporter who ethically sources specimens to create beautiful pieces of art.  


DEVIATE is all about doing something different and Stone Vein Studio is doing just that. See for yourself when you DEVIATE this September.  

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September 16

Where do you find the inspiration for your pieces? The specimens that I use are my true inspiration. My goal is to honor them by creating art that highlights their natural features. I want to bring beauty to death in a way that’s respectful and meaningful.

How long does it take for you to do a piece from start to finish? How do you make your pieces? Do you use any local materials? The time that it takes to make my art pieces can vary substantially. The most important part is the idea. If I have a clear concept, it’s usually much easier to assemble the piece. For example, if I have a butterfly with a certain color, I’ll take photographs of those colors and drop them directly into my drawing software to make the background on that display. That being said, a lot of time and love goes into every piece. I’ve done everything from scrubbing out cow skulls to reattaching broken butterfly antennae. There’s never a dull moment.


Sourcing my materials is one of the toughest parts. I’m a licensed U.S. Fish and Wildlife importer and exporter, but I source my specimens from all over the world. Ethically sourced specimens are my priority, and I don’t agree with anything being killed solely for the purpose of art. I also do a ton of pet insect memorials that are sent-in to me, from mantises to spiders, and even moths.

Where can we find your work? Website or Examples of galleries, stores, and events you have been involved in. My shop is through Etsy, but I’m also able to offer local pickup in the Rockford area! You can find Stone Vein Studio on Etsy, Facebook, and Instagram. I also have select pieces available at Outcast 815 Boutique in Rockford!

Is this your full-time job? If not, what else do you do? This has been my full-time job for two and a half years, and I currently work from my home studio. Prior to this, I worked with children and their families for Rosecrance while also balancing my Etsy shop and grad school, all full time. I’d like to thank my husband for having faith in me and encouraging me to pursue art full time.

What are your future goals for your art? I really want to help people appreciate the beauty in death. I think that death is a tough topic for most people, and I want to show them that there can still be love and wonder when life comes to an end. My goal is to keep expanding my shop so that I can continue to make bigger and better pieces. I want people to feel the same shock and amazement that I do when I see these incredible creatures.

What are you most excited about for DEVIATE? Why should people come to DEVIATE? There are a lot of reasons to come to DEVIATE, but for me, I’m really looking forward to meeting all of the other artists and members of the community. DEVIATE is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to step outside of the norm and connect with other like-minded individuals. Whether it’s music, food, art, or something entirely different, I can’t wait to see what (and who) the community brings for this event.

Why should people come to check out YOUR booth at DEVIATE? People should come check out my booth at DEVIATE because I’ll be having a few marvels of nature that most people never get the chance to see in person, let alone bring them home. I am very passionate about these creatures, and I would love to share them with the world. I’d love to meet you and help you find the perfect piece for your home!

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