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Rod Johnsen
Janesville, WI

As kids we’re told not to play with fire, but for Rod Johnsen, playing with fire is what he likes to do for fun. He first saw fire spinning at EDM events and thought it was something he’d like to try. He gave it a shot with his friend and has never looked back. Twenty years into his craft and he’s perfected how to spin and sway to music while leaving you mesmerized by the trail of flames.  


Rod performed at DEVIATE last year and it was his first time performing at an event like this. He’s back for round two and can’t wait to light up the night on September 16. We’d tell you not to miss him, but we know you won’t as he’ll be front and center dazzling the crowd all night long. Rod is deviating, will you?


September 16

Tell us about your art. How would you describe what you’ll be showing us at DEVIATE? I'm a fire spinner performer. You could say that I'm a fire dancer. I gracefully spin fire around myself to the beat of music.

What’s your background? How did you get into art? Give us a little history! I've been working with fire point for almost 20 years. I first saw it in the EDM scene and started with a friend in his yard.

How was your DEVIATE experience last year? Why did you want to come back again? Last year was an amazing experience for me. It was the first time that I ever performed at an event like this. Returning this year is an exciting opportunity, and I hope to put on a much better show this time.

Why should people come out to DEVIATE? The event is like nothing you have ever experienced before. Expect to be in awe! Even without leaving my booth last year I had a very memorable experience. I'm hoping to have an opportunity to walk around the event this year and get a chance to experience the whole event.

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