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Quincy Owens
Indianapolis, IN

DEVIATE is meant to be an interactive art show-meets-party. It’s all about doing something different while having a ton of fun. Quincy Owens knows how to have some fun. If you came to DEVIATE last year, you probably tried your hand at coaster pong.   

Quincy Owens is stepping up this year and bringing several elements to his display this year. He's not only showcasing resin pieces, but he’ll also have light installations and spanking paddles, you read that right. We promise you do not want to miss out! Grab your tickets and get ready to DEVIATE on Saturday, September 16.  

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September 16

Tell us about your art. How would you describe what you’ll be showing us at DEVIATE?  As a returning artist, I wanted to make sure people have fun while there. I also wanted to embrace the name of the event. So, I'll have art in a few spots this year. In one of the spaces, I'll be showing my organic-shaped resin pieces. In the other booth, I'll be displaying dozens of custom spanking paddles. They have all sorts of serious and fun quotes on them. They are functional and food-safe so they can even be used as small trays/charcuterie boards, but I don't think that's what most people will do with them. And, like last year, there will be an optional gameplay element where people who purchase a paddle can compete against me at a game for the opportunity to get it at a lower price. Third, I'll have light installations in a variety of locations around the event.

Where do you find inspiration? Everywhere. I make all types of work in all sorts of media, so I love exploring the materiality of objects. I also get excited when I'm able to incorporate playfulness!

What’s your background? How did you get into art? Give us a little history! I really started out making art as a child and have always known I wanted to create things. I became very serious about art back in high school, even taking some college courses early, then studied art abroad in Mexico, and finally went to college and received my BFA as well as a master's in teaching. I've never stopped making art. In fact, I go crazy if I can't.

Is this your full-time job? If not, what else do you do? This is my full-time job and then some! I have two studios and art practices. One of my art careers focuses more on fine art including paintings, resin works, my coasters, and more. My other art career focuses on large-scale public art that has been placed all over the U.S. Along with public art, I spend quite a bit of time creating custom-commissioned work from furniture to sculptures and light installations.

How was your DEVIATE experience last year? Why did you want to come back again? It was a rock-solid event with great artists and great people in a fantastic setting. I had an absolute blast and wanted to be here again!

What are you looking forward to most this year at DEVIATE? Honestly, seeing a bunch of people walking around with paddles and I'm expecting some shenanigans to ensue!

Why should people come out to DEVIATE? I don't know why people wouldn't want to come to DEVIATE! It's a blast. It's unlike any other event people can attend. It's fun, there's great art, music and more!

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