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Belvidere, IL

Ever since he was a kid, Avi Patel was intrigued by music. It was something he had a passion for that grew throughout the years and inspired him to pick up DJing when he was 18-years-old. He made a makeshift DJ controller and the rest was history. He was creating beats and experimenting with mixes until he found his signature sound. 


Loki is bringing his house music-inspired sets to DEVIATE on October 15 where you can hear it firsthand and feel the vibes evolve with each track he plays. Don’t miss out on Loki and all the artistic talent that will be showcased in downtown Beloit.

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october 15

Can you tell us some information about your music? How would you describe your style/sound? I’m a DJ with no specific mold. I’m deeply inspired by House music, but see many different sounds that I love to incorporate with my sets.

Where do you find the inspiration for your sets? Watching Boiler Room sets has always been a motivator behind structuring my own set. Also, exchanging and discussing music with my friend Jaedon sparks my creativity tenfold. Thanks for always inspiring me Jaedon!

Where can we find your work?  Soundcloud is where I upload any of my recorded mixes. Look me up! @dacloki

What are your future goals for your work?  My future goals aspire beyond just what I do with DJing. I want to be a creative with no distinguishable boundaries in the way (and of course make a lump-sum of money in the process).

What are you most excited about for DEVIATE? Being able to perform on stage and just have fun. It’s a feeling that should NEVER be taken for granted. Also, checking out all the art installations that artists have put their hard work into.

Why should people come to DEVIATE? It’s a testament to artistic freedom. Not often are there art experiences of this magnitude around the stateline area, if ever. It’s the first of its kind and I’m so ecstatic to be a part of it.

Why should people come to check you out at DEVIATE? They really don’t need to come check me out in all honesty. But I think the music itself will have them gravitate towards me, and that seems more genuine then just stating why I should matter to you.

What do you want us to know about your music/style? Have an open ear! And just listen with good intentions and empathy in-mind. I’m hoping to spread some good energy with my set.

What is your background? How did you get into music? Give us a little history! I’ve always been instinctively passionate about music ever since I was a kid. There was never a singular moment that I can point out, it just seems like my attraction to sounds is something I was born with. Furthermore, I picked up DJing when I was 18, when I custom-mapped my friend's USB drum machine to work as a makeshift DJ controller. My interest just exponentially grew from there.

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