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lil Ammo
Rockford, IL

Bringing the community together through dance. That’s exactly what Lil Ammo is doing and he’s ready to bring it to DEVIATE. Lil Ammo started a dance company in Rockford called Project 815 Dance Culture. He and his group go around and express themselves through dance for people all over the city. It’s his way of giving back to the community, spreading positivity and highlighting the talent that’s found in our area. 


Lil Ammo is taking his moves across the stateline and getting set to show Beloit and DEVIATE what he’s got. You won’t want to miss out! Catch his moves on September 16!  

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September 16

Tell us about your art. How would you describe what you’ll be showing us at DEVIATE? I specialize in the art of freestyle and battle culture. I'm also a great choreographer and performer in the dance industry with 6 years of professional dance!

What are you looking forward to most this year at DEVIATE? I'm looking forward to feeling the energy in the vicinity!!! Energy is contagious, so I’m looking forward to feeling it out. Sounds like an event that the creators put a lot of work into. Sounds great for the city of Beloit and state of Wisconsin.

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