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Immortal girlfriend
Milwaukee, WI

DEVIATE is all about blending different kinds of art, performances and vibes. Immortal Girlfriend encompasses all of that and more with their alternative electronic sound. The duo are brothers based in the Milwaukee area and have grown up with music playing a big role in their upbringing. 


Their music stretches much farther than the Milwaukee area. You may have heard their music before as they’ve been played on some of the biggest TV shows and even video games, like ‘Wednesday’ on Netflix, ‘Good Girls’ on NBC and the NBA 2k22 soundtrack. They draw inspiration and pay homage to bands like Depeche Mode, Linkin Park and TV on the Radio while putting their own twist on the music world. Don’t miss Immortal Girlfriend on the stage on September 16! 

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September 16

Tell us about your music? How would you describe your style/sound? We are an alternative electronic band and production duo. We write original music as a band and for TV, film and video games. Our sound is drum & synth focused. A modern take on retro inspired “cinematic” synth pop. We take inspiration from multiple genres, hard rock, R&B, pop.

Where do you find the inspiration for your music? A big inspiration for us has been professional wrestling, movies, tv shows and video games. We love drama and storytelling, creatively we’re always striving to tell me stories and have more experiences live. The music is integral to it all.

What’s your background? How did you get into music? Give us a little history! We are both self-taught musicians from a musical family. We just started playing and jamming together, then played in a few bands together before we started this project. We have produced for other local artists before eventually working with TV networks.

How did you hear about DEIVATE and why did you want to be part of the second annual event? We received email asking to play, we’re glad to be part of new exciting events that blend together different vibes, it’s kind of our thing!

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