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Bark River PhotographyHartland, Wi

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, Bark River Photo is proving that to be true. John Prusak has been snapping photos for years and has specialized in fashion, editorial and model portfolios. His images can be dark and mysterious and the subjects in them can be in unlikely environments, making them even more thought provoking and intriguing.  

Bark River Photo participated in the first DEVIATE event but has spent the last year creating brand new art that will be on display at this year’s event. See his edgy, sensual photographs and even take one home for yourself when you do something different on September 16.  

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September 16

Tell us about your art. How would you describe what you’ll be showing us at DEVIATE? My work can be dark or sensual; or more likely both. I meld beautiful figures with unlikely environments and themes to create edgy, thought provoking and artistic pieces. A portion of my art may be considered provocative. Many of my art pieces have never been publicly shown and will be exclusively revealed at DEVIATE and available for purchase.

Where do you find inspiration? Anywhere and anything can inspire a concept or theme that I pursue. I challenge myself to push boundaries by focusing on abstract concepts or themes and try to have the art piece tell a story. I envision light, colors, and the human figure; integrating those in uncommon ways. I like to say that the result is an eclectic collection of distinctive and memorable art pieces.

What’s your background? How did you get into art? Give us a little history! I purchased my first camera at age 14 and never looked back. I have many decades of work in the upscale fashion catalog business, along with my current fashion photography business. That experience in fashion has led me to adopt a stylized approach to the edgier art pieces that are displayed and for sale at DEVIATE.

 Is this your full-time job? If not, what else do you do? I have recently retired from my fashion catalog career, and can devote my full attention to creating unique photographic art.

How was your DEVIATE experience last year? Why did you want to come back again? DEVIATE is like no other show. I really like the mix of art, music, and food in a unique and slightly gritty environment. I feel it fits my art very well.

Do you plan on doing anything different this year at DEVIATE? What can we expect to see? I have taken the year to create more dark and sensual art just for DEVIATE. So, I will have more memorable art available for viewing and purchase.

Why should people come out to DEVIATE? Deviate is a rare opportunity in the mid-west for people to interact with a mosaic of art not typically available in traditional galleries outside of NY or Europe. Deviate makes art accessible and available for purchase, in an energetic environment. This is a rare opportunity to own one of my unique and limited art pieces.

What is your website or social media handles where people can check out your work?


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