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The aerial

Janesville, wi

What does it mean to truly live? For the owners of Aerial Experience, it’s all about doing what you love, being true to yourself and expressing yourself with love and intention. The creators of Aerial Experience teach that mantra to students looking for ways to express themselves through the art of dance, aerial fitness and other types of flow art forms. 


Aerial Experience will be on display at this year’s DEVIATE event. Expect to see artists making shapes and movements with their bodies that tell a certain story and involve a variety of apparatuses. You are going to be blown away, so grab your tickets and we’ll see you at DEVIATE.


September 16

Can you tell us some information about your art? How would you describe it? Our art is fluid. We make beautiful shapes and movements with our bodies on different apparatuses. Sometimes we are telling a story, other times we are painting a picture with our moves and poses. I love to share my art and help others be able to do it. It makes me feel free and empowered. It feels like I am flying in the air.

What do you want us to know about your art, your style? I found Aerial art at a time in my life when I had decided to try new things because I wanted to really live and be happy. My father passed away and had just talked to me about the difference between living and existing. For me, living means doing aerial. It brings me joy and I want to share that with others.

How did you find out about DEVIATE and why did you want to be involved? I attended Deviate last year. I love the different styles and pieces! I felt very at home in the atmosphere with other artists, being able to talk to them personally and looking at all the amazing things they had created!

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